Festival School

FIAVAL 2018 seeks to act as a driving force behind a wide array of processes all aimed at creating opportunities for growth and sustainability, based on visibility of the identities and strengths of a place and its relation to the global community.

It is in this sense that the Festival creates opportunities for the public, fostering participation, developing capacities, and building citizenship (critics roundtables, academic meetings, business summits, professionalization workshops, mediations, and pedagogical processes in schools and with the general public).

Mediation processes in the performing arts aim to create audiences, this meaning a population able to appreciate images, concepts, and content, instead of just being indiscriminate consumers of content made for the masses.

The Festival school strives to make FIAVL 2018 into a space for training and professionalization in performing arts by offering workshops, courses, and discussions. Eleven workshops will be offered under the Festival School, as detailed below:


  • Puppet invention workshop. La Liga Teatro Elástico, México. Taught by Iker Vicente.
  • Antigone in exile: stage design with Afro-Ecuadorian female singers. Taught by Teatro Cenit, Colombia.
  • Theater as a Bridge Taught by Teatro Cenit, Colombia.
  • The tragic pleasure clowns. Taught by Gabriel Chamé, Argentina.
  • Migration Workshop, Taught by Kamchàtka, Spain.
  • Pompapetriyasos Community Theater, Argentina, Taught by Agustina and Esteban Ruiz Barrea.
  • Use of role-play for classroom inclusion, Taught by Marco Bustos, Ecuador.
  • Theater without barriers, theater for everyone. Taught by Roberto Sintes.
    Training for the meeting with festival organizers. Taught by Marcelo Castillo, Argentina.
  • Safety Protocol, Taught by Retouramont, France.
  • Baroque behavior of the stage actor, Taught by Verónica Falconí and Patricio Vallejo.

The Festival School agenda will also include:

  • International business roundtable with guest Latin American festival organizers.
  • Latin American critics roundtable.
  • National Meeting on Public Policies for the Performing Arts: The Loja International Performing Arts Festival 2018 provides an opportunity for mediation between the creators, the State, and the private sector, national and international markets, and between cultural supply and demand, establishing management models in relation to public policy regarding the arts and culture. With this focus, the National Meeting on Public Policies for the Performing Arts will be attended by performing arts associations and Ecuador’s Ministry of Culture and Heritage. Together, these groups have operationalized a proposal for public policy that was developed by citizens themselves.  Three regional meetings will be held, finishing with a last series of encounters in Loja with national representatives, who will then submit a National Program on Public Policies for the Performing Arts to the Minister of Cultural and Heritage.

The festival is sponsored by :

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