What is the Festival and Why is it Important?

The Loja International Performing Arts Festival (FIAVL 2018), now in its third consecutive year, is striving to become a point of reference for performing arts, both nationally and internationally. It is an opportunity for art without borders to come to life, involving a variety of voices that can express themselves openly, bringing up creative concerns and questioning the world through the language of the performing arts.


This event also serves to promote Ecuador’s national talent, making Ecuadorian artists relevant and providing a unique opportunity to display the importance of art and culture in Ecuador with a national and foreign audience that includes international festival organizers.


Everyone who wishes to be part of this magical experience is cordially invited to attend and be at the center of a movement focused on educating about the importance of cultural activities, and particularly, the performing arts. FIAVL 2018 is a true artistic festival that will show the world in Ecuador, we are at the forefront of the performing arts. The festival creates jobs, not only in the arts, but also in transportation and regional tourism. It also creates the dynamics to connect Ecuador to some of the world’s most important Performing Arts festivals.

FIAVL 2018 Curatorial Focus

  • The Loja International Performing Arts Festival is designed as a place where borders are reorganized and dissolved through the arts.
  • We establish an aesthetic dialogue to achieve an organized coexistence of diverse discourses that question limits and make FIAVL a place to freely express differences.
  • The Festival is a place to recognize ourselves as part of an ongoing search for our identity; accepting ourselves as worldly beings that are intercultural and diverse, yet intimate, unique, and authentic.


How have we imagined FIAVL 2018?

  • The Festival was conceived as a space that would provide the opportunity to generate artistic dynamics.
  • The goal is to place FIAVL, with its uniqueness, on the list of the world’s most important performing arts festivals.
  • The festival has been framed as a work of art that provokes both meanings and sensitive relationships with the world.
  • Our goal is to act as a creative device to enable dialogue that fosters development of our national performing arts.
  • We create opportunities for creativity and thought.
  • Our idea is to use the language of the performing arts to understand territories and borders in a contemporary world, looking at territories and borders that can be aesthetic, formal, cultural, identity-based, and historic.

LOJA: Different Paths, A Place with No Borders

  • In its role as both a place for departure and arrival of an artistic event like FIAVAL, Loja moves beyond the concept of a city to become something that is much broader: A PLACE.
  • When we think about TERRITORY, we necessarily think about BORDERS. As a geographical space, Loja during the Festival turns into a place where languages, realities, sensitivities, and dynamics all come together to rearrange and redefine limits and borders in the arts, in culture, the city itself, and the country.
  • The focus of this year’s event is to create visibility for the things that the various performing arts have in common and also for what makes them different.
  • FIAVL is a place to understand the country, its artistic potential, and, based on that recognition, establish dialogue about trends in the performing arts around the world so that all of these aspects have the opportunity to come together, affect each other, and, in a play of coming and going, redefine artistic boundaries, creating different paths to explore the territory of representation and identity.
  • In our third year, our goal is to make an artistic exploration of the territory and its borders, creating various opportunities for representation and encounters, in an effort we are calling “PATHS.”
  • Each path seeks to provide opportunities for works from many different origins, along with various proposals that provoke other relationships among and with the public, creating a stage out of the various areas in the city and consolidating conventional stages.

The festival is sponsored by :

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