Works: “¿Yu guana meik love?”, “Variaciones para el tema del asesino”, “Que no haya pena”, “Janlet, el héroe”, “Mister Juramento”, entre otras


Awards: National Aurelio Espinosa Pólit Literature Award 2003 (Theater), National Selection of Theater Projects from the National Sucre Theater 2006, Representative for Ecuador at Poets Ahead (World Meeting of Current Dramatic Literature) Mulheim-Germany 2006, and Award for Best Staging at the Casablanca Theater International Festival (Morocco) July-2009.

Artistic Director of the International Festival of Performing Arts Loja 2018

Roberto Sánchez Cazar (Quito 1971)

Actor, director, and playwright.    Founder and co-director of the Ojo de Agua Theater and the Ojo de Agua Theater Performing Arts School: a project that creates, researches, and trains in the performing arts.  Sánchez is at once a cultural agent, expert in cultural projects, and master of the performing arts.


He has worked with and directed various groups, and has created projects for both public and private institutions. With a university degree is in communications, he has worked as a scriptwriter and producer for radio art and sound projects.


Sánchez completed complementary studies and specializations in semiotics, theater science, and literature. His writings and research have been published in magazines and books in Ecuador, Spain, the United States and Argentina, and much of his work has been performed on stage in Colombia under his direction by Ecuadorian groups. You can find him in the Binational Dramaturgy Anthology (Ecuador-Peru), published by Editorial Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima), as well as in the Latin American Theater Anthology 1950-2007, published by the National Theater Institute (Argentina).


He completed a Residency in Theater Management at the Staatstheater Stuttgart (Germany), thanks to a scholarship from the International Theater Institute and the Göethe Institut (Berlin).


He has participated in international events and festivals and given workshops in Spain, Belgium, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Morocco, and Ecuador.

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