Festival Information

Artistic Director of the International Festival of Performing Arts Loja 2018

Roberto Sánchez Cazar in an actor, director, and playwright. Founder and co-director of the Ojo de Agua Theater and the Ojo de Agua Theater Performing Arts School: a project that creates, researches, and trains in the performing arts. Sánchez is at once a cultural agent, expert in cultural projects, and master of the performing arts.

What is the Festival and Why is it Important?

The Loja International Performing Arts Festival (FIAVL 2018), now in its third consecutive year, is striving to become a point of reference for performing arts, both nationally and internationally. This event also serves to promote Ecuador’s national talent, making Ecuadorian artists relevant and providing a unique opportunity to display the importance of art and culture in Ecuador with a national and foreign audience that includes international festival organizers.

About the City of Loja

“He who does not play the guitar can sing a song; he who does not sing a song can write a verse; he who does not write a verse is read in a book.”  This saying is common among the people of Loja, and it reflects an honest truth about the city. Culture is the word that best defines the City of Loja, which has been home to some of Ecuador’s most emblematic and innovative artists throughout the nation’s history…

Support by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage

The Loja International Performing Arts Festival 2017 was organized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture and Heritage, which has financed the entire project and is responsible for its general organization. To contribute to developing Performing Arts, their devotees, and to benefit the advance of broad cultural and artistic consciousness among the entire population…

The festival is sponsored by :

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